A bright, sunny window sets the mood for your whole home. In fact, it might be the sole reason you bought or rented your home: because you pictured yourself lazing in the sunbeam, just like a cat. But deciding exactly what to do with your perfect, sun-filled window can be a challenge. A dedicated reading corner? Lots and lots of plants? All the things? Or maybe you should dedicate the whole space to your actual cats.

Take a deep breath and picture how you want to enjoy your sunny space. And if you’re still struggling for the perfect inspiration, these 13 ideas may help you decide.

Sunny windows are a wonderful addition to their room—but there is one drawback. They’re sunny. Watching television, eating dinner, or even just holding a casual conversation all increase a difficulty level when you’re busy shading your eyes. Tone down the brightness with luxurious gauzy curtains perfectly sized to your window in a neutral shade. White curtains may be the most modern—as seen in this fashion designer slash priest’s German apartment showcased on Organized Home, but any toned-down shade will temper the sun.

Take your terrarium-making hobby to the next level by dangling your homemade creations against the window. (And if you go store-bought, we won’t tell.) Or fill round glass vases with gorgeous sun-seeking succulents to keep them happy and well-fed. Embrace the Perfect Mess filled glass ball planters from the Dollar Tree with dirt, moss, and river rocks to help her plants thrive.

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